Garage Door Broken Spring Repair ServicesGarage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

At some point in the life span of your garage doors, you may encounter problems. If at some point you find that there seems to be difficulty in opening your garage doors, you may want to inspect and check your springs to see if there are problems that need to be addressed.
It's important that you constantly check and inspect the quality and performance of the springs because these support the garage door. The springs allow the door to be opened or closed. If there are some difficulties or malfunction in the springs, then it is best to ask professional repair men and expert technicians to assess the situation for you.

Our garage door broken springs repair technicians have a lot of experience in fixing and repairing all kinds of broken springs. Whatever kind of spring system your garage door uses -- such as torsion springs and extension springs -- you can count on us to know what to do. For us, it does not matter if the spring systems have been installed in old garage doors or if your garage doors have not been regularly maintained. We will do our routine inspections and make our expert analysis and recommendations from there.

An extension spring system uses pulleys and counterbalance cables. This may be the type of spring system that your garage door uses. You'll also see that the springs are positioned to a horizontal track. If they are malfunctioning, or i they are no longer working efficiently and correctly, then give garage door repair broken springs technicians a call and you can count on us to provide you 100% quality maintenance work on these kinds of springs.

If your garage door uses the torsion spring system, that is no problem for our expert technicians who can also handle that kind of job. The torsion spring system uses a center shaft made of steel on which some strings are wound upon. This is placed above your garage door. Under tension is winding cone, and a stationary cone holding the spring. When the doors are raised or opened, the springs unwind, and the tension lifts the doors. When the doors are brought down or closed, the cables unwrap and the springs rewind.

The life span of a torsion spring can decrease if they are not maintained properly. For instance, its 15,000 to 30,000 cycle life span can go down if the garage door has added weight. If they are also not maintained or looked after, it can malfunction or break. This is why it is important to have these checked.

You can once again count on our expert technicians to provide spring adjustment services, repair and installation of new ones if necessary. Whatever kind of spring system your garage door uses, you can be sure that we have enough experience to deal with all kinds of them and the maintenance that is needed to keep them functioning well and efficiently. Just give us a call and we'll respond to your concern.